Just Released! JANE'S JEANS by Janice Garden Macdonald

Posted by Janice Garden Macdonald on

From the bestselling author of The Red Sweater comes another tale for kids 2 to 6. Jane has some ideas about how to dress and what to wear and that means JEANS!

So, when  her mother suggests she wear a frilly dress to visit her Grandma, Jane must think quick. You can’t climb a tree in a dress, or ride a skateboard in a dress, she pleads.

Mom gently reminds Jane that she is loved, no matter what she wears. She is much more than her clothes.

Jane’s scruffy little dog has his own idea of what to do with a pair of jeans and provides a surprise happy ending, that will keep kids smiling and reinforce Mom’s valuable lesson.

Kids will learn about self-confidence, appreciation and sacrifice. There’s even a subtle little plug for recycling!


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