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Teacher's Choice Holiday Favorites Series: all beautifully illustrated with inspiring, gentle messages.

Includes the bestsellers The Red Sweater and Ten Little Happies and the holiday classic, I heard Christmas Whisper. New to the series is Jane's Jeans.

Teacher's Choice Life Skills Adventures Series: will keep kids laughing while they learn how to navigate their way through life's stressful situations.

Do Ants Have Uncles? Do Butterflies Sleep? Do Bees Say Please? Do Beetles SIng? Do Flies Tell Lies?

A busy butterfly goes to school for the first time meets a variety of unusual friends. An ant accidentally gets hijacked to the city inside a human's backpack. An impatient beetle, wants to play an instrument, but is too lazy to practice. A friendly bee that doesn't know about stinging, can't understand why the farm animals don't want to be friends. A horsefy wants to be the sheriff in an old-west town.

Laugh out loud

Hilarious insect heroes share their adventures and learn a few life-skills along the way.

Encourage Discussion

Each story includes after-story ideas to encourage discussion and help develop reading
comprehension skills in a light-hearted, comical way.





Ten Little Happies BESTSELLER


Dog's Best Friend!



Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers' Favorite

I Heard Christmas Whisper by Janice Garden Macdonald is a holiday-themed picture book for young children. Does your child love Christmas? Then this book will become their new favorite. A little dog can feel Christmas in the air and soon realizes that a Christmas tree is following him. The dog decides to take care of it and hopes it will stay around forever. But unfortunately, the dog learns that the tree has to go away, at least until next year. This makes him feel sad, but he knows that Christmas will always be with him, in his heart, and he can look forward to seeing the tree again next Christmas. If you're anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive, then pick up a copy of this book to start the festivities early.

I Heard Christmas Whisper warmed my heart from the moment I began reading. I love Christmas time and can't wait for the holiday to begin. Children are going to love this adorable book as it will fill them with Christmas spirit and, at the same time, reassure them that even when it's over, Christmas will remain in their hearts. The author has kept the writing simple, which will allow children to follow along easily, and to soak up all the goodness the story has to offer. The illustrations are professional and colorful and aid in giving off a Christmassy feel. I enjoyed every word written by Janice Garden Macdonald and I hope she delights readers with more of her wonderful stories soon.


Do Flies Tell Lies?

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Do Butterflies Sleep?

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Reviewed by David Korson for Readers’ Favorite

Do Butterflies Sleep? by Janice Garden Macdonald is a charming picture book that pre-readers and emerging readers will fall in love with. The storyline details an eventful day in the life of an active butterfly from morning to night, and the tale ends by answering the question, "Do butterflies sleep?" Butterfly’s morning is occupied with activities children can relate to, such as eating breakfast, washing up, and getting on a bus that will take the fluttering insect to school. The afternoon’s events include reading, playtime, and interaction with a diverse group of friendly animals, while the nighttime appropriately leads to bedtime.

Attractive and captivating artwork brings this story to life, featuring a variety of glossy-eyed forest animals taking part in everyday activities. It’s hard for me to imagine that the adorable image of a jolly, floppy-eared bunny wearing glasses won’t bring a smile to the face of any child or adult. The poetic text can be effortlessly read aloud, and each rhyming stanza features short sentences with manageable words for beginning readers. Many important themes are highlighted in the story, like attending school, socializing with others that may be different, maintaining healthy routines, and taking on challenging tasks with bravery, optimism, and confidence. Rounding out Janice Garden Macdonald’s uplifting book are a few interesting fun facts and interactive questions to engage curious kids in a thoughtful and lively discussion. For a rewarding story with enchanting illustrations, Do Butterflies Sleep? is a delightful story that you and your children will want to read over and over again.

Do Ants Have Uncles?

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Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award for "Do Ants Have Uncles?"

Review #1: Review by Amy Raines

5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review! 

Reviewed by Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite

Do Ants Have Uncles? by Janice Garden Macdonald introduces a little ant that explores a traveler’s pack and takes a nap. Although he enjoyed the old man’s singing, the little ant found himself a long way from home. He realized that he was lost and began looking for ways to get back home without getting stepped on or traveling even further away. Meeting new characters along the way, and trying out faster modes of transportation, the little ant’s journey shows how amusing and exciting the world can be. Will the little ant ever find his way home and is anyone from his colony looking for him? Will he ever see his family again, or is he lost for good?

Janice Garden Macdonald has crafted this children’s story with all the elements that will hold the attention of young children. Each of the characters is unique and serves to make the plot easy for children to understand while keeping them entertained. The illustrations give children beautiful pictures that keep pace with the story, allowing them to enjoy following along while being read to, and will encourage them to read the words themselves. Do Ants Have Uncles? could easily become any child’s favorite story no matter what time of day it is. I love the way Macdonald wove the importance of family and friends into this adventurous story. I also loved how the story encourages children not to wander off out of curiosity, teaching them to seek the guidance of an adult that knows their way back home.


Do Beetles Sing?


Do Bees Say Please?


Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review for "Do Bees Say Please?"

Reviewed by Afifa Raisa for Readers' Favorite

Do Bees Say Please? by Janice Garden Macdonald is an illustrated rhyming book for 2-6-year-old children. The story is narrated by a friendly bumble bee living on a country farm. The bee is desperate to make friends, but for an unknown reason, all the farm animals are scared of it. The sad bee eventually meets a goose who encourages it not to give up. On the goose's advice, the bee starts anew and successfully makes progress. The interesting part begins when a newborn baby goat from the farm climbs up onto the barn roof and refuses to get down. When the other animals, including its mother, fail to convince it to come down, the bee takes the matter into its own hands. The story ends with a wonderful lesson on politeness.

Janice Garden Macdonald's Do Bees Say Please? A Politeness Adventure is an eye-catching book with an appropriate amount of text on each page. I love the way the lines rhyme; it makes reading aloud with children a more enjoyable activity. Another great aspect of the book is that some of the pages come with additional fun and relevant information. Besides this, Macdonald has portrayed the bee in a way that makes it a relatable character to many kids. Children often feel frustrated about being unable to reach their goals; the bee getting up to try again after being motivated by the goose and eventually achieving success can encourage them not to give up. I feel that the best thing about the story is the clarity of the messages it aims to deliver; it undoubtedly makes this book a suitable pick for the intended audience.