Do Bees Say Please? New Release

Posted by Janice Garden Macdonald on

Get ready for another adventure in the Back Pack Series which already includes; Do Butterflies Sleep?, Do Ants Have Uncles? and Do Beetles Sing?

Our newest hero is a lonely Bee that can't understand why all the farm animals run away when he appears. Friendless and sad, the Bee goes back to the hive to think. 

With the help of a silly goose in a rowboat, Bee is inspired to keep trying. So, the determined bee returns to the farm to try again, hoping this time, that a friend will be made.

But something is happening at the farm that has all the animals concerned. A baby goat has climbed onto a rooftop and refuses to come down. After much fuss and many unsuccessful attempts at coaxing the little goat, Bee comes up with a honey of an idea that might work.


You won't want to miss this addition to the series. Colourful illustrations and rhyming verse that verge on the edge of silly will have little readers laughing out loud. 

Available on Amazon in paperback and in kindle editions in most countries.

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